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This special reduced price combination kit for Santa Cruz bicycles closed linkage bearings includes:

RWC 7900 Closed Link Bearing Extractor and Press
RWC 7902 Closed Link Bearing Extractor and Press
RWC Handle Set 2

We at RWC do not like using hammers around our bicycle frames. We recommend putting down the punch and hammer and using our precision machined (in the USA) tool to remove and install bearings in a slow, controlled manner. Our special cutout even allows you to view the extraction process as it takes place.

Additionally, if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having a broken bearing in your linkage, our reversible collets have one side dedicated to removing the outer races of broken bearings. This side of the collet grips the bearing race in two places: the ID of the rounded ball path and the ID of the seal groove.

In addition to smooth and controlled bearing extraction, male and female bearing installation guides for perfect alignment of the new bearings are also included.

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      These tools look, feel, and perform at an amazing level.  Removing closed link bearings has been a “hope for the best” type of maintenance in the past, with something usually going wrong and creating one of those days where you would have been better off leaving your bike alone.  Tools work flawlessly and easy, just like in the videos. 



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