Our SEARCH BAR is optimized to find what you need quickly.  Enter the name of your bike frame, the first few numbers of a bearing, or description of any part!  

Our name pretty much describes who we are. Anything we sell has to be designed for the real world. To us, that means it’s as simple as possible, gives the very best performance available for the price, and is built to last.

Back in 2003 this site was born out of the passion of an individual rider for finding the best components available and being able to install them himself. This grew into a desire to share these products and technical knowledge with others.

If we sell a tool or a product, it is because it does the job better than anything else available for the price. If we are unable to find the ideal product or tool for the job, we will make it.

As a small biker-owned startup, we are pleased to have already had a significant impact on the bicycling industry. Before enduroforkseals.com/realworldcycling.com was launched, aftermarket fork seals for mountain bikes were almost unheard of. We set off a wave of competition from some of the largest manufacturers in the world. RWC’s collaborative development of the “Hy-Glide” dual-compound wiper-seals has again set us out in front.

We are perhaps best known for our RWC Rear Shock Needle Bearing Kits, which have forced the industry to rethink their high-drag bushing systems that were not only hampering the performance of rear shocks, but were in many cases damaging linkages and rocker arms. The increasing prevalence of bearing-mounted rear shocks is a testament to the effect we’ve had on an industry that previously insisted that DU bushings were “good enough.”

It is our mission is to push performance and reliability boundaries in all of our products and to provide the best possible support for our customers.

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