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RWC's Upgraded "HY-GLIDE" hybrid dual-material fork seal kit. The Enduro philosophy has always been to use optimum materials for the separate roles of oil retention (oil seal) and dirt & debris rejection (wiper). Now, for the first time, these separate materials have been joined in a single, hybrid unit for ease of installation

In testing, the proprietary wiper is 300% more effective than a rubber wiper with garter spring used by many leading seal manufacturers.

The co-molded oil seal below is made from Polyacrilate, the perfect material for the extreme operating temperatures and high pressures. The oil seal is also infused with MOS2 (Molybdenum Disulphide), a dry lubricant similar to graphite. While this is is the optimal material for the oil seal, it is separate in its duties from the upper wiper and is the reason for combining materials in to one hybrid seal.

Use the appropriately sized RWC Wiper Press Tool to set to perfect depth.

This special RWC kit includes:

  • 2 Enduro Hybrid Wiper-Seals
  • 2 RWC Foam-felt Oil Rings*
  • 1 UV Resistant Travel Indicator O-ring
  • 1/2 oz Slickoleum Suspension Grease
  • RWC's Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee

*Foam rings will not be used in the Maverick seal heads.

Scroll down for fork model compatibility list!

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  • Use Maverick Hy-Glide 32 Kit for:
    SC 32 (all)
    DUC 32 (all)

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