BEARINGS: ENDURO angular contact cartridges with 440C stainless steel races and Grade 5 ball bearings.

The TorqTite bottom bracket line is Enduro's answer to problems with press fit designs. Forget glues/fixatives, paste, or tape to try and keep things quiet. This unique system uses a double-threaded internal sleeve to tighten the right and left cups using two spanner wrenches to torque the bottom bracket securely on installation. No more movement or internal fretting of your bottom bracket against your carbon fiber or aluminum frame--just a tightened mechanical system eliminating annoying and unwanted noises and internal friction that can also sap energy and wattage output. TorqTite guarantees perfect parallel alignment between the bearings even if the frame is not perfectly straight, eliminating lost energy.

This bottom bracket works for both road PF30, road BBright, and mountain PF30 applications. Please see product pictures for illustrations of these applications.

Two TorqTite wrenches are recommended for installation.

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