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Angular Contact bearings are used in certain bicycle applications where axial loads (forces from the side or parallel to the axle) are present. At RWC we prefer angular contact bearings for use in bottom brackets since adjusting the play out of a crankset almost always results in some side loading of the bearing. Angular contact bearings are also ideal for applications where bearing play must be adjusted out, such as headsets. Only certain wheels use angular contact bearings (most use radial bearings). Angular contact bearings are sometimes referred to as "ACB" bearings. Bicycle bearings starting with the number "7" (7902, 71806, etc.) are angular contact bearings. Bicycle bearings starting with the number "6" (6902, 608, 698, 61001, etc.) are all radial bearings. Please note that the bearing options listed below are also "caged" bearings, or in other words, have "retainers" to space the ball bearings apart. If you are looking for "MAX" or full-complement bearings, you can find them under "Specialty Bearings" in the drop down menu.

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