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RWC GUIDE 2 for 6901, 3901, 7901
$49.00 $29.99

This item is on sale as it has been superceded by our Modular Bearing Tools. RWC Suspension Bearing Tool 10 for installation and extraction of 6901, 7901, 3901 bearings, as used on many rear suspension linkages. This kit is a set of guides for removing and installing bearings into the rocker arms, swink links, and bearing members as needed. The handle set to drive the guides is not included and must be purchases separately.

For use with RWC Handle Set 1 (8mm rod)

The guides are designed and manufactured int the USA.

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    • Wow too easy
      Made rebuilding my ancient Vp free frame a piece of cake. Bearings came out easy and pressed back in even easier. I paid $600 once it have a shop do it. Feel pretty silly now. Great tools great quality. Just perfect.


      Victoria BC

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