The RWC 7902 Suspension Bearing Closed Link Puller/Press Tool is for removing and installing 7902/6902 bearings that are used in closed linkages (links that do not allow direct access to the back side of the bearing--see product pictures). We at RWC do not like using hammers around our bicycle frames. We recommend putting down the punch and hammer and using our precision machined (in the USA) tool to remove and install bearings in a slow, controlled manner. Our special cutout even allows you to view the extraction process as it takes place.

Additionally, if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having a broken 7902 bearing in your linkage, our reversible collet has one side dedicated to removing the outer race of the broken bearing. This side of the collet grips the bearing race inside the ball path groove of the outer race. Once the collet is expanded inside the outer race, it will thread right out of the linkage.

Please note that THIS TOOL REQUIRES THE USE OF OUR "HANDLE SET 2" with 5mm threaded rod, which must be PURCHASED SEPARATELY. This handle set is not included because many of our customers have already purchased the handle set to use with other bearing guides.

For use with RWC Handle Set 2 (5mm rod)

Designed and manufactured in the USA.

Part number SBT-CLSD-7902

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