(Part number BRT-050)

This "Pro" Tool from Enduro includes:
-Quick on/off knurled handle set compatible with all press rods listed below
-3/8" heavy duty ACME threaded rod x 11 inches length for headset cup and bearing installation
-8mm ACME threaded rod x 8 inches length for pressing in bearing hubs, bottom bracket bearings, etc.
-8mm ACME threaded rod x 3 inches length for tight spots like suspension bearing pivots
-Multiple guides for headset bearings and cups
-Carrying case

Each of the 3 rods has its own set of threaded bearing "pushers" with a rotating contact pad that isolates the bearing guides from friction. One end of each rod set has bearing pusher that is fixed in place, while the other threads up and down the rod. The beautifully machined handles snap on and off the 15mm hex heads. In place of the handles, 15mm wrenches can be used for jobs in tight spaces.

The set includes a carrying pouch/organizer to protect the parts between uses.

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