GOLD CHAIN LUBE by Rock 'n' Roll

Rock 'n' Roll "GOLD" Chain Lube is our favorite. It's the cleanest, lightest, and most effective chain lube we have ever used. We recommend this lube for all but the wettest and mudiest conditions (That's what "ROCK 'N' ROLL EXTREME CHAIN LUBE" chain lube is for). RnR Gold has been rated the #1 friction reducing chain lube by Friction Facts.

This is the "LV" version, or "Low Vapor" option. It's non-flammable, which allows for air shipping as it does not fall under the ORMD regulations for hazardous materials. It is the exact same formulation as the previous Rock 'n' Roll Gold, only the "carrier" is different and takes slightly longer to exaporate. For best results, let dry overnight after applying. Based on performance testing and the lower impact on the environment, this is the only version of the Gold Lube we carry.

Rock 'n' Roll chain lubes are formulated to clean and lube at the same time. The lube goes deep down into the links, floating dirt to the surface where you can wipe it off. Rock 'n' Roll chain lubes create a protective membrane that keeps new dirt out and the lube inside.

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