ReaLube Bearing Compound 30cc Syringe

OUR FINEST BEARING GREASE. We here at RWC do not manufacture grease. Instead, we have a world-renowned aerospace lubricant company manufacture and package this product for us. This is literally the same grease used in cruise missle engines because it will nut separate, run out, dry out, or wash out, even under the most extreme conditions.

To ensure product integrity, an independent lab analysis is performed on every batch.

--Superior dynamic stability

--Superior water resistance

--Actually inhibits metal corrosion

--Not affected by temperature extremes

--Very low particulate count for smooth operation

--Superior wear resistance under high pressure loads

--Actually extends bearing life

--Will not dry up or leak out even during extended bicycle storage

Comes in a 30cc syringe with a snap-tight applicator cover. This is enough grease to repack dozens of bicycle wheel bearings.

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