Introducing the new Enduro Hy-Glide 40 Wiper-Seal Kit for ALL FOX 40 FORKS.

The Enduro philosophy has always been to use optimum materials for the separate roles of oil retention (oil seal) and dirt & debris rejection (wiper). Now, for the first time, these separate materials have been joined in a single, hybrid unit for ease of installation.

The new Hy-Glide Wiper-Seal is a collaborative effort between Enduro and Real World Cycling

Enduro Bearings invented, designed, and formulated polyurethane wipers for the mountain bike fork. Enduro's signature Blue Polyurethane wipers have been protecting forks for years--and getting better and better through material and design tweaks as the years have gone by. Unlike "OE" and other aftermarket products, Enduro has never subscribed to the cheap and easy "one material for both jobs" philosophy. While other wiper-seal units compromise performance by using the same material and durometer for oil retention and debris rejection, Enduro has been free to perfect the oil seals and wipers separately. The result is the best oil retention possible, with superior rejection of dirt, mud, and water, in a durable and long-lasting package.

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