Fitting a 30mm spindle into a "BB92" ("BB86" in road applications) shell does not leave much room for the bearings--a challenge that has limited the use of BB30 cranks in such applications. By making outer race of these bearings into the "cup" and adding a second row of ball bearings, previous limitations have been overcome. The result is a strong, smooth, and corrosion resistant bottom bracket. The races are 440C Stainless Steel with Grade 5 440C stainless steel balls.

Please note that this adapter bottom bracket is designed for use with BB92 bottom bracket shells with a press-fit ID of 41mm. Due to the respective widths of the BB86 and BB92 bottom brackets, you must use a BB30 crankset with a long enough spindle. In road applications, this means a BB386EVO crank or equivalent. For MTB applications, Race Face Next SL (or other Race Face "Cinch" crank sets), e13 MTB, and Rotor 3D+ crank are among those cranks that are compatible. Most SRAM BB30 cranks are NOT compatible, although some longer-spindled SRAM 30mm spindled cranks can be found.

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