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Precision bottom bracket by Enduro featuring XD-15 "CORSA" ceramic hybrid bearings (scroll down for more info!).

Fits standard "BSA" threaded bottom bracket shells using Left and Right cups. With the right cranks, can also be used on 100mm and 120mm FATBIKES. Not all BB30 cranks are compatible due to varying spindle lengths. Some of the cranksets known to be compatible include:

e13 Mountain Cranks
Race Face Next SL cranks
Race Face SIXC Cinch
Race Face Turbine Cinch
Rotor 3D+ cranks
BB386 EVO Road Cranks
Cane Creek eeWings MTB Cranks

From Enduro: XD-15 is a very special nitrogen infused steel material that will not rust or corrode. Even running in salt water or any caustic nutrition drink you can spill, it will not be degraded or affected. Even dirt or sand inside will not wear it out; this will simply polish the races smoother. The process to produce this steel involves re-melting a very high grade of martensitic stainless steel from the end of an electrode. This occurs in a highly-controlled re-melt chamber while introducing nitrogen gas, producing a homogenous steel, free from course carbides and giving ultimate fatigue resistance. A super tough and strong steel perfectly mated with Grade 3 Silicon Nitride ceramic balls, XD-15 bearings start out great and get even better with riding over time. While other bearings are best the day you buy them out of the box and degrade from there, XD-15 bearings improve over time, even years from now. We even offer a lifetime limited warranty to the original owner. You will not only save watts, you will save maintenance time. XD-15 is the pinnacle in bicycle bearing technology.

Suitable wrenches for installation include the RWC BB30 Outboard Bottom Bracket Cup Tool, Race Face Cinch cup tools, etc.

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