7075 aluminum cups precisions machined in the USA with Angular Contact ABEC 5 440C Stainless Steel Enduro Bearings.

Fits standard "BSA" threaded bottom bracket shells using Left and Right cups. With the right cranks, can also be used on 100mm and 120mm FATBIKES. Not all BB30 cranks are compatible due to varying spindle lengths. Some of the cranksets known to be compatible include:

e13 Mountain Cranks
Race Face Next SL cranks
Race Face SIXC Cinch
Race Face Turbine Cinch
Rotor 3D+ cranks
BB386 EVO Road Cranks
Cane Creek eeWings MTB cranks

Angular contact bearings are a step forward in outboard bottom bracket design. Why? Deep groove radial ball bearing cartridges are not designed to be "adjusted." Any inward or outward pressure on the inner races put them out of alignment with the outer races, forcing the balls to ride up the side of the groove and exerting greater pressure on the races. This results in increased friction and premature wear. Since almost all outboad crank sets exert some inward pressure on the bearings when installed, it only makes sense to use a bearing designed specifically for such loads. Angular contact bearings result in 100% ball engagement when properly pre-loaded.

Suitable wrenches for installation include the RWC BB30 Outboard Bottom Bracket Cup Tool, Race Face Cinch BSA 30 BB Cup Tool, and Zipp Vuma Quad Cup Tool.

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