Enduro Dust Seal/Wipers


These instructions apply specifically to the SX-R. However, the critical steps of wiper removal, the preparation of your fork, and the installation of the new dust seal/wipers, are the same for for the Mars, Six, Black, and X-Vert forks. Our goal is to add many more model-specific instruction pages as time goes by. In the meantime, we trust that these instructions will be very helpful.


(1) If you are performing the work with the fork attached to the bike, disconnect the brake cable, computer lead, etc.. There is no need to worry about oil during this procedure, as the left leg (from the rider's view) contains no oil, and the oil in the right leg is contained inside the stanchion tube. Once removed, the lowers will only contain residual "Prep M" or "Super-Slick Grease."

(2) If your fork is equipped with an external rebound adjuster, remove it by pulling straight down as pictured.

(3) Use allen wrenches to remove the screws from the bottom of the lowers. A 4mm allen wrench will fit the left side (from rider's perspective), and an 8mm will fit inside the rebound adjuster socket.


(4) With the screws removed from the lowers, detatch the fork boots from the wipers.

(5) Seperate the lowers from the stanchions by putting leverage between the fork crown and the arch of the lowers.

(6) Once the lowers begin to slide, simply pull them off.

(7) Remove the boots from the stanchions and wipe the stanchions with a clean, soft cloth. (If you've been dying to get rid of the ugly boots, you will now be able to do it, as the Enduro wipers do a much better job of keeping out moisture and dust than the OEM wipers.)


(8) The factory dust seal/wipers are easily removed by placing a large, flat-blade screw driver (with the tip wrapped in electrical tape to protect the paint) between the top of the lower and the "flange" at the top of the wiper (that the fork boot attaches to) and prying them up by turning the screw driver on edge.

(9) Thoroughly clean the lowers of all the internally accumulated lubricant. Use clean, dry rags, degreaser or soap and water as required. Thoroughly dry the inside of the lowers.

(10) Lubricate the machined area at the top of the lowers with a suspension-compatible lube such as "Super-Slick Grease" or "PrepM."


(11) The dust seal/wiper is shown in its proper orientation for insertions into the "socket" at the top of the lower. Because of the tight tolerances, a trick for easing the installation process is to place the wipers in a freezer for 5-10 minutes. This will cause the steel insert inside the wipers to contract and slightly reduce the outside diameter of the wipers. The ideal "press" for installation is a short piece of 1-1/4" PVC pipe. Lube the insertion area of one wiper with Super-Slick Grease (or similar) and place it in the end of the PVC pipe section with the insertion area facing up. Hold the pipe section against a bench (or the floor), invert the slider assembly, and place one of its machined openings over the wiper. As you start the lowers onto the wiper, be sure that it is entering the insertion area evenly. Apply body weight as necessary to seat the wiper against the upper bushing (easily visible by looking inside the wiper). Note that with some models, the "lip" of the wipers will have some space under it even though the wipers are fully seated against the upper bushings. Repeat the installation process for the other wiper.

(12) Pre-lube the stanchion tubes and the insides of the new dust seal/wipers with Super-Slick Grease (or similar).

(13), (14) Place the lowers over the rods and carefully work the new wipers over the stanchions. It may be helpful to start one wiper first, and exert a slight amount of upward pressure while carefully rocking the lowers back and forth to get the wipers started on the stanchions.

(15) Once the lowers are started, slide them up as far as they will go. Keep a little bit of upward pressure on them as you start the bottom screws by hand.

(16) Torque the screws to the factory recommended 10-30 inch pounds.

(17) Don't forget to replace the rebound cap assembly (if your fork has one).

Add a few squirts of "SUPER-SLICK GREASE" into each Microlube port and cycle the fork a few times.  Wipe any excess lube off of the stanchions, and you are ready to "break in" your new wipers.


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